Are You Offering a Premium Program?

Did you know, research as shown that about 20% of clients like to choose a premium program option wherever it’s available? A program that gives them extra privileges, makes them feel special and gives them their desired results quicker, more easily, more powerfully etc.. Do you currently meet this need in your business? If not you are not really servicing these clients fully AND you are leaving money on the table. Read on to find out what signifies a high end program and how you can implement one very quickly.

A Premium program is often called a Platinum Style program, it’s your high end offering for clients who would like a premium service from you.

1. Personalised Attention: Your Premium Program ideally is the only one that includes your personalised attention. Your clients are being served/coached using the same signature system you use in all your offerings, however they will have your expertise and attention to help them apply it to their personal situation. This is a hugely valuable service and includes your personal time one on one or in very small groups. Please note: It’s not the amount of time you spend with them that’s so valuable, it’s the value you create for them during the interaction. So don’t include a huge amount of your personal time in here, while at the same time being a lot more available for your premium clients than for others.

People who already trust you and recognise you as the expert, will recognise the enormous benefits they’ll get from working with you one on one, it will save them time figuring out what you are able to see within a first glance and it gives them access to enormous experience that can adapt the ‘textbook rules’ to your specific situation.

This principle is applicable to every coaching/training/consulting business and attracts a premium price tag (eg. Tony Robbins charges his coaching clients 1 million dollars per year for a monthly coaching session and people pay it because they feel they get more than 1 million dollars worth of value from it). You can either offer advice /coaching in this format or you can provide a ‘done for you’ service, for example an accountancy service that always keeps you compliant with the newest regulations.

2. A Premium Experience: People like to feel special. A touch of pampering and luxury is definitely a must for a Premium Program. This doesn’t have to cost a huge amount of money eg. you could provide a upmarket looking notebook, you could have people picked up from the airport in a limousine if they come to see you, you include a nice working lunch into the package. This creates the special experience and your premium clients will appreciate it.

3. Exclusivity: The nature of Premium Programs is their Exclusivity. Your personal time is the most valuable asset you possess because it is the only truly limited resource you have. There is a limit to the amount of clients you can work with in this way, so your Premium Clients know they belong to a privileged group of people. Communicating this helps clients to appreciate the value they are receiving and justifies a premium price tag.

Setting up a Premium program doesn’t take very long. You don’t need to create new content for a Premium Program, you simply personalise what you have for your client.

Here is how to structure the Premium Program: You can provide a Premium program on an individual basis or in a small group. If you are just getting started, it’s often easier to start with an individual program. It can spread over a day, two days or several sessions over a longer period of time, depending on your business. You can include other components such as audio programs, books, group teleclasses etc into your program as long as they compliment the value you are creating with your program.

It all comes down to one thing: Create the value your clients are longing for and they will value what you offer much higher than what you are charging them for it. Its a true win-win situation.

Virtual Office Services That Will Boost Your Business Ideas

There are several virtual office services that you might want to take a look into and they will be able to enhance your business experience, no matter if you are doing it on a budget. For one thing, the potential of the virtual office has exploded of late, and they are no longer looking at it as the weaker sibling of the traditional office, and this has proven more so with more and more people and enterprising individuals using the service to launch their business ideas and see if they can be a success in the market and the arena of their choice.

One of the first few services that you must look at is the fact that you will be able to gain a premium business district address with the use of a virtual office, and this is because the majority of them are located strategically in great locations all over the financial and business district of their respective countries, and this is the one time where you will be able to attach your business branding to a brilliant address and command the respect that these kind of lots and land spaces will normally give you from your prospects and potential clients.

You can also look at the fact that these offices also provide you all the necessary office supplies that you need and this means that you do not need to go out and buy them, fix them up, update them and do the normal maintenance that these gadgets would normally demands. This is just another aspect of the kind of money you will be saving when you are using the virtual office. The good thing is that all your office needs are catered for, from faxing, to emailing, to the internet and even sorting services for your packages and mail.

You also get your own personal secretary and this is really a great part of the virtual office. She will be able to pick up your calls, answer some basic messages, notify you of who has called you and even forwarded important messages to your own email address or even by phone. Most of the time, this service is bundled together with the virtual office or serviced office solution, and it is now common across board. Enjoy the benefit of having someone to represent you while you are out looking for business and making money on your own.

These are some of the virtual office services that will boost your business idea and this is what you need to look out for when you re looking for a virtual office of your own. Of course, when you are looking through the companies and the services they offer, there are tonnes of other offerings that you can consider to look at, but these are some of the basic considerations that you need to ensure are there in the first place to set the platform for your virtual office solutions. Within time, you would be more than able to boost your business idea.

Get an Edge Over Others With Premium Business Cards

In a business, networking is very important, especially when there is a new venture, or when there has to be expansion or growing out to a new city. Without networking, a business can not expand, neither can it survive. Due to cut throat competition in the market, it becomes very essential to expand the business acquaintances, and build a network. For this, Premium Business Cards are required. These are customized cards, which are designed as per the client’s requirements and choices. Such cards are generally used by people in creative industries or those who have high profile businesses. These are specially designed for such clients. These cards are original and unique, and they are made for the specific purpose for the particular client. Therefore, there are no fixed templates and layouts for these. Since these are designed afresh, they have ample opportunity and space for creativity and experimentation. There is also much flexibility for their use also. There are many dimensions where such cards can be made unique and distinguished. They can be made in different materials other than plain paper. There can be use of materials like plastic, light metals, leather, cloth as well as other materials like jute or even rubber or flax also.

They can also be made in various sizes and shapes also. Apart from the usual rectangular shape, they can be in circular, semicircular, square, or in floral cut shapes also. Many embellishments can also be added to these cards to make them look different and catch attention. Some people even place their photo on their Business cards. This gives a personal touch to the cards. These are used mostly in creative industries, where best presentation of oneself is the art of doing business. With the use of different threads also, the cards can be made attractive and unique. There are various colors for experimentation. The cards are usually printed with a background of white or a light color. However, to give the card a different look, highly contrast colors, like black or a bright color like red or yellow can also be used. The use of graphics is also made in business card printing. The different images related to the profession of a person can be put to depict the business in which the person is dealing. For example, an architect can place the picture of a beautiful house on his business card to showcase his architecture.